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ANANDA Scientific is positioned to produce large quantities of cannabidiol (CBD) and sell it around the world. The demand for CBD has skyrocketed, partly due to recent reports on the successful treatment with it of certain problematic, life-threatening conditions in children. Nevertheless, CBD remains a scarce, very expensive commodity, with the small amounts available typically of questionable quality. The Company intends to offer both purified CBD suitable for investigational and human medicinal use in laboratory and clinical settings, as well plant extracts and concentrates in jurisdictions where allowed. There is also a demand for CBD in the cosmetics industry.

For these purposes, ANANDA Scientific has created a proprietary hemp strain exceptional in the sense that it yields copious amounts of CBD. The Company is also developing novel, patentable extraction and purification technologies to dramatically reduce costs and the time needed for making CBD-containing products.

ANANDA Scientific’s ability to abundantly produce CBD along with its proprietary enhancement technology can fulfill largely unmet needs in the functional food, nutraceutical or dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries.


Purified, natural CBD will be made available in bulk. This includes reagent- and pharmaceutical- or clinical-grade CBD for those pursuing laboratory and human clinical studies. CBD will also be offered inside a gelcap or capsule. Such CBD may be first processed with ANANDA Scientific’s proprietary, non-toxic “ANANDA Purification Technology™ to assure high bioavailability. ANANDA Purification Technology™ is being employed in ANANDA Scientific’s clinical work for that reason. Regulatory approval for ANANDA Scientific to treat conditions of great public health importance (and also large numbers of patients or customers) is being sought, beginning in Israel, where what is clinically done will be acceptable to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as to authorities in China, Canada and elsewhere. It is anticipated that a rescheduling of cannabinoids to finally permit FDA scrutiny of CBD will soon be happening, an event that should tremendously enhance the demand for pure CBD from ANANDA Scientific.


Standardized CBD extracts or concentrates will be sold as appropriate opportunities arise. Of course, these products will conform to manufacturing and marketing rules established for the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994 if sold as a nutraceutical, dietary supplement or functional food, as well as be manufactured according to criteria established as the ANANDA Standard™, and thus be very well suited for sales wherever CBD products of this sort are legal.

For purposes of clarity, “nutraceutical” refers to a product derived from foods (as is hemp) that is sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food. A nutraceutical should ideally be associated with a physiological or therapeutic benefit – and this may be the case for ANANDA Scientific’s extracts and concentrates since there is a high likelihood that these products will receive scrutiny in such regard by the China State Food and Drug Administration.

To foster a move to commercial CBD production and sales as soon as possible, ANANDA Scientific has established its R&D activities where best suited, in the United States (Huge Market), Israel (Cannabinoid Research Capital), China (World-Leading Producer of Hemp) and Canada (2nd Largest Hemp Producer).

First Commercial Products Include:

CBD extracts and concentrates to immediately service the large and rapidly growing global CBD demand.

Tremendous growth potential for natural CBD extracts and concentrates as components of healthcare products like functional foods (candies, gum, protein powders, sports drinks); lotions, shampoos and cosmetics; and nutraceuticals or dietary supplements.

CBD combined with ANANDA Purification Technology™ to uniquely enhance or optimize efficacy in functional foods, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

First-To-Market Potential

First industrial-scale factory of its kind to abundantly supply CBD (and maybe other cannabinoids) to buyers anywhere.

Initial purchase orders in place.

High-caliber preclinical and human clinical work in Israel to expedite procuring FDA approval as CBD becomes legalized on a Federal level in the United States, thus creating a likely “first-to-market” position from a medical perspective.