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ANANDA Standard™

The world leader for CBD standardization

The markets for cannabinoids are currently inundated with hype and speculation as to therapeutic or medicinal benefits. Both credible and questionable articles on cannabidiol (CBD) appear virtually daily in the mainstream media. As a result, consumer awareness of the Vial with vaccinepotential of CBD as a medicine is growing rapidly. However, evidence-based, clinical studies to verify supposed therapeutic effects remain lacking, a matter that ANANDA Scientific is working assiduously to correct via preclinical and clinical research. Consumers, healthcare practitioners, the media and governmental agencies are looking for credible, scientific and non-politicized information and associated expertise to bring confidence to this rapidly-developing industry. ANANDA Scientific is well positioned to immediately address these unmet needs.

Changes in markets and legal status have caused increasing numbers of consumers to search for CBD-containing products. Some companies are now supplying these individuals with substandard, questionable products, thus taking advantage of emerging and growing demands, while credible product developers are searching for sources of high-quality CBD to capitalize on burgeoning opportunities.  Many new entrants into the market for CBD-containing products are anticipated.

ANANDA Scientific will be the “premium” supplier of purified CBD as well as standardized CBD-containing extracts and concentrates, accompanied by serious, evidence-based research work concerning these. Driving a credible, scientific- or evidence- based brand now for wholesale supply to nutraceutical and functional food companies will open the door for carryover into the pharmaceutical industry in the near future.

Standardization will be a distinct hallmark of ANANDA Scientific’s products, to not only ensure product quality but also distinguish the company from its competitors.

ANANDA Scientific’s is setting up its large-scale commercial CBD production via its joint venture in China. It has progressed in developing proprietary methods to greatly reduce CBD production time and costs.


The demand for CBD-containing products, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and otherwise, is global, considerable and rapidly growing. The amounts already needed greatly exceed the supply, with what little is currently available sadly of substandard quality.

ANANDA Scientific will be supplying the rapidly growing demand for CBD with standardized extracts and concentrates, as well as pure compound, that for the first time meet World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Strict operational protocols are being implemented, and all of ANANDA Scientific’s extracts, concentrates and other products will be subjected to criteria that include but are not limited to Certified Organic, Certified Kosher (a hemp industry necessity), ISO Certified (International Organization for Standardization), tracked and assayed — thus positioning ANANDA Scientific as the world leader for CBD standardization along with product quality.


and functional foods are a $26 billion industry

growing at 6-10% per year.


“Nutraceutical” means a food or a part of a food that provides medical or health benefits. A “functional food” is a food given additional function (often one related to health-promotion or disease prevention) by adding new ingredients. Many nutraceutical and functional food companies are actively seeking CBD, so far to no avail.

ANANDA Scientific has identified product development companies and will offer to these entities standardized, Certified Organic, Certified Kosher and ISO-certified CBD products backed by Certificates of Analysis. ANANDA Scientific will offer these wholesale CBD products to any legitimate, credible buyers in this market space. ANANDA Scientific will also offer, to certain companies of appropriate quality and perspective, co-branding with ANANDA Certified™ on their packaging and literature, as our credibility will ultimately provide them credibility and increased sales – in other words, certified with the ANANDA Standard™.