Internal Research Papers

CBD Applications: Concussion


The American Concussion Epidemic:


  • Reported incidence 2X increase in last 10 years
  • About 2 million concussions from sports annually
  • 1.4 million emergency room visits
  • CTE in 40% of retired National Football League (NFL) players
  • Dementia, physical debilitation, early death

NFL-Sponsored Clinical Study ($14 Million)


  • University of Miami Medical Center
  • ANANDA participation under negotiation
  • CBD after concussion to trigger brain repair

NFL Players Association


  • Organized — Directed by ANANDA
  • Refereed clinical studies at hospitals in Israel
  • Key medical specialists in Israel
  • Acceptable by US regulatory authorities
  • No need for DEA authorization
  • First-in-line for US FDA approval