Bioavailability: The key to products that really work



Efficiently getting substances into the body is of the utmost importance for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. It means products the really work and achieving this is largely determined by “bioavailability”. Bioavailability refers to the extent to which a substance (whether taken by mouth, applied onto the skin, or somehow applied elsewhere in the body) enters the bloodstream and is thereby able to reach sites in the body where it has effect. Elevated bioavailability means that more gets into the bloodstream, while low bioavailability is associated with little to virtually nothing entering the body. Efficacy or effectiveness, i.e., how well a product works in achieving a desired effect, is well associated with bioavailability. A bottom line is that high bioavailability is key for making products with predictably great effects.


All commercial products are not alike with respect to bioavailability. Some are associated with very desirable responses since their bio-availabilities are elevated. With these, lesser amounts of a target substance may need to be used. This makes product use not only more economical but also inherently safer. Others are deficient as to bio-availabilities. These are associated with limited effects and divergent responses among individuals. Such formulations mean that a lot of money is being spent for questionable results at best. Cannabidiol (CBD) has an inherently low bioavailability. About 5% of what is taken by mouth reaches the circulatory system and the rest is wasted. But a much higher bioavailability is necessary for being predictably able to get any desired results from use. ANANDA Scientific has resolved this important matter with its patent-protected Liquid Structure Technology™.


  • CBD’s entry into the body is dramatically increased with ANANDA Scientific’s proprietary methods. At 15 minutes after having been taken by mouth, at least 18X more CBD is able to reach the bloodstream.
  • More of the CBD consumed is brought into the body. Waste is minimized, and greater amounts of CBD enter the circulatory system from where it can readily reach its sites of action.


  • The influence of elevated bioavailability on performance cannot be understated. It makes CBD work predictably and well.
  • For example, Liquid Structure CBD has a remarkable impact on inflammation.
  • With regular CBD, a single 50-mg dose reduces inflammation by less than 10%.
  • However, a single 5-mg dose of ANANDA’s Liquid Structure CBD yields a decrease in inflammation exceeding 70%, a 10X greater impact.